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Due to the heavy losses suffered by the Allied Merchant Navy Ships in the early months of World War II, a ship-building programme on a tremendous scale was instigated.  Ships were commissioned from Canada and U.S.A. for management by British Shipping Companies.  

This web site is dedicated to a particular type of ship, built by Canadian ship-building companies, which all had the prefix 'Fort' in their names along with their sister ships the 'Parks' and the U.S. built 'Oceans'.  Also included are the sixteen Royal Navy Maintenance Ships which were commissioned from Canadian West Coast shipyards.


If anyone should have photographs of any of the ships listed on this site, I would be grateful to receive copies

Merchant Navy Day

3rd September every year 

We Will Remember Them



For Veterans of convoy RA 66

I am directing a TV programme for BBC Scotland on VE Day.  Naval records show that convoy RA 66 arrived on the Clyde on VE Day itself (8th May 1945).  I understand that Fort(s) Boise, Massac, and Yukon sailed as part of this inbound convoy, from Russia back to Glasgow.

I'm keen to track down any former sailors who served on those ships and would remember both the hardships of the convoy and (I'd imagine) the parties when they got back to the UK on VE Day.

I have a dedicated email address for public correspondence to the programme: vedayscotland@bbc.co.uk.

Andy Twaddle
Director, "Scotland's Secret War"
BBC Scotland

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